El Rancho Vegas – date unknown (1940s-50s) | UNLV

“I got to bed very late every morning and slept the drunken sleep of the losing gambler … Every hour I spent in Las Vegas was part of a killing nightmare. It is a wonder that all I lost was $50,000.” 

– William Saroyan, writing about his time at El Rancho Vegas in 1949 

Downtown Las Vegas, early 1953 from Nevada Magazine

Las Vegas, 1943 – Fremont & 2nd, some time before Election Day. Tinch lost.

Last Frontier Hotel, Las Vegas, early 1950s – Casino workers watch the glow of an atomic bomb test at nearby Yucca Flats. Photograph by Volkmar K. Wentzel, National Geographic.

Downtown Las Vegas, c. 1935-1941 where Golden Nugget and Binion’s Horseshoe will eventually open.

UNLV dates this photo 1932, but the picture shows Frontier Club which opened 1935. Can anyone date the automobiles?

Sands Hotel, Las Vegas, 1954

Downtown Las Vegas 1955.

L-R: Golden Nugget, Lucky Strike, Nevada Club, Pioneer Club, Sal Sagev Hotel, Union Pacific Station, Las Vegas Club, The Mint, Boulder Club, Horseshoe

Downtown Las Vegas 1955.

Las Vegas, 1995. After Dunes implosion, before Bellagio was built in its place. Sands still standing. Stratosphere under construction. 

Las Vegas Club, 1942 – still in business today. Photo by Peter Stackpole.